AI Films: Netflix für KI-Filme

Rund 600 digitale Filmschaffende nutzen derzeit die Streaming-Plattform und teilen dort ihre Arbeiten. Alle hinterlegten Filme wurden mit Künstlicher Intelligenz kreiert. Gegründet wurde das Projekt von Cesar Romero Pose, einem in der Schweiz geborenen spanischem TV-Schauspieler. Mit der Plattform möchte er dazu beitragen, das Storytelling im Film zu revolutionieren. Höchste Zeit also, ihm ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

Cesar, why did you create the ai.films website? What is your intention?

Cesar Romero Pose: The intention of AI Films is to decentralise the power of storytelling. We are a species that works, socialises and believes around stories. Decentralising the power of storytelling helps to create vast new perspectives. Creating new archetypes and worlds… With AI, the explosion will be massive. It will be based extremely on creativity, breaking down the barrier of cost and networking, for example.

Foto von Cesar Romero
Ceasr Romero: AI will polarise a lot of things

 Who is the audience? The filmmakers?

No. Even if most of the new movements are started    by the creators, the community around the creators will be the avant-garde. Also by curious people – and there is a lot of interest in AI. From there, and as the technology becomes more indistinguishable from mass production, the shift to something „underground“ will be undoubted.

What is your business model?

The business model is based on the principle of letting the movement express itself freely. To achieve this, we do not decide by selecting a group of creators. Our aim is to let the audience decide. Based on this, the payments are based on the price the creator sets per view and on a subscription based plan where it is calculated monthly how many total unique views, number of subscribers and total duration of the films. From there, the number of views a creator has received and the total duration of the films watched will determine the creator’s profit. Basically, the more films and the longer they are, the better.

Do you think AI will disrupt the film industry?

I think AI will polarise a lot of things. In the entertainment industry, I think everything will be done more and more by AI. And at the same time it will demand more real experiences like going to the theatre. Anything in the middle will suffer.

What changes do you expect?

Many productions will cut costs by integrating AI. But at the same time there will be no real reason for these big productions. The right solution will be for many people in the film industry to switch to a creator mindset and stop trying to get hired by big companies. The important step is to have a place where all creations can be shared and monetised.

Can you recommend any AI film tools?

I don’t like to recommend any specific AI tool. I’ve seen amazing creations using very different AI tools. My suggestion is to experiment with the rooms in This will help you get a feel for what is possible. And more importantly, get used to AI agents. Being able to run different models at the touch of a button will be the perfect AI assistant for creators.

Das Interview führte Helmut van Rinsum

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